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One In An ARMY is a fundraising initiative run by ARMY volunteers. We organize monthly charity projects in honor of BTS.

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About OIAA

Who is One In An ARMY?

One In An ARMY is a fan collective comprised of volunteers across the globe. Driven by the idea of using our collective power for global good, we seek out non-profit organizations worldwide and harness the power of ARMY into giving micro-donations, usually over a one month period. Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.

Our goal

One In An ARMY's goal is to act as a guide in global fundraising initiatives by researching and partnering with non-profit organizations and establishing a way for ARMY all around the world to gift micro-donations over one month periods.


We are not in anyway endorsed by or affiliated with BTS or BigHit Entertainment. We make no profit of any kind and are not involved in handling money during any of our campaigns. We will never ask you to send money directly to us. We do not maintain a PayPal account or a bank account - any email/dm you receive asking for money in our name should be reported to us so we can investigate. All legitimate correspondence will be conducted through our Twitter (OneInAnARMY) through our email ([email protected]) or through the other social media platforms found in our footer. We have also posted this statement on Twitter.Additionally, One In An ARMY will never ask for your personal or bank account details. The only thing we ask is that you fill out our Google form after you make your donation. The form is always linked on our current campaign page and it asks for your Twitter handle, country, donation amount, and a screenshot of your donation receipt. You are encouraged to strikeout any personal details on your screenshot but please leave your donation amount visible. The data collected on this form will not be shared publicly and is only collected so we can gauge a rough estimate of total contributions. Filling out this form is completely optional though encouraged.

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CIWY is dedicated to rescuing, caring for & rehabilitating sick, mistreated, abandoned wildlife. They also teach the importance of leaving wildlife in its natural habitat and the negative effects of the animal trade.

Ocean Defenders is committed to protect sea life by making coastal waters clean & safe for wildlife & their habitat. They collect debris to bring back for proper disposal & free animals that get trapped in the trash.

Animal Aid Unlimited saves animals who need urgent medical care through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and education.

Pets For The Elderly assists with the adoption of companion pets for senior citizens while saving the lives of animals in the shelter.

Art & Culture

Suku Mentawai is an NGO that aims to re-establish Mentawai's connection through cultural and ecological education.

WDCD, in partnership with other NGOs, conducts programs and workshops for children and young adults made vulnerable due to illness, poverty or exile. Donate now to support the org in its mission.

ACFFC empowers children in need through art, to give them tools to create their own reality. They provide art tutoring, food and water, educational expenses and more.

Outside Looking In inspires indigenous youth to pursue education, engage in self-expression, and celebrate empowerment with urban and hip-hop dance.

100 Cameras empowers kids who had challenging experiences by teaching them how to process & tell their stories through photography.

Playing For Change offers creative opportunities for marginalized and at-risk youth, we specifically supported their music work shops for youth with disabilities in Patagonia.

CHAP provides healing art experiences to hospitalized children affected by illness, disability or special need.

MindLeaps helps prepare impoverished and refugee out-of-school youth for education through dance, as well as provides them with daily meals.


Partnering with communities in Central America & Haiti, the org provides tools & education to create sustainable safe water, sanitation & hygiene education programs.

Ocean Defenders is committed to protect sea life by making coastal waters clean & safe for wildlife & their habitat. They collect debris to bring back for proper disposal & free animals that get trapped in the trash.

OneTreePlanted plants trees and raises awareness on the importance of trees. $1 = 1 tree planted.

Hug It Forward raises awareness about improved trash management methods by building schools using eco bricks (plastic bottles stuffed with inorganic trash)

Gili Eco Trust runs a waste management program that turns glass into crafts, raises awareness on environmental protection and rebuilds the damaged reefs of the islands.

Physical & Mental Health

FarmAbility is a UK-based organization that provides people over the age of sixteen with a learning disability or part of the autistic spectrum the chance to participate in an outdoor farming environment while also making fun and long-lasting friendship within a safe community.

Another Way of Seeing is an NGO creating a pathway for the visually impaired to communicate with the world. The org aims to establish an educational & cultural infrastructure to support students and adults through art classes for all grades, art exhibitions, Braille tactile book production, and apps.

The NGO offers free community wellness workshops, a Black Mental Health Resource Packet, a Black Mental Health Provider Database, visual albums, & live concerts created by Black Broadway & theater professionals.

Tetra Society supports people with disabilities in finding solutions to environmental barriers; to foster independence, inclusion, and enhance quality of life. The NGO recruits volunteers to build custom-made assistive devices.

The Cova Project is an NGO that provides menstrual cups and menstrual health education to people across Africa.

Project HEAL helps individuals access treatment, get guidance for insurance & cash assistance for their expenses. With 80% still awaiting treatment in the US, the org is trying to bridge a huge gap in the system.

TEWWY promotes mental health in Tanzania by providing psychological services such as group sessions, 1on1 support & storytelling with the help of elderly women.

The LN4 Hand Project's mission is to provide free prosthetic hands to anyone in need, anywhere in the world, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay.

Jiyan Foundation's Healing Garden supports survivors of terror & violence with creative forms of therapy to process traumatic life experiences and relearn social structures.

Key Changes promotes positive mental health through music engagement & recovery services for people affected by mental health conditions.

Helen Bamber Foundation supports and strengthens survivors of torture, human trafficking and other forms of extreme human cruelty through recovery.

Transforming Faces helps repair cleft lip & palate for children and aims to improve the quality of long-term cleft care in developing countries.

Medical Teams provides life-saving medical care to Syrian refugees who have fled horrific violence for safety in Lebanon. They also run other medical assistance programs in 10+ countries.

Human Needs

An NGO that helps human trafficking and sexual exploitation victims with shelter and reintegration into society.

The NGO provide quality community services focusing on women and youth, create opportunities for women to contribute to their livelihoods and facilitate integration process' among other things.

Refugio Casa Frida aims to be a beacon of hope and refuge for those who have been victims of violence and persecution (mainly from the LGBTQ+ community), helping them to gain self-confidence, community involvement, and empowerment.

Lost-N-Found’s mission is to end homelessness for LGBTQ youth by providing them with essential skills and support to live independently.

Lost-N-Found’s mission is to end homelessness for LGBTQ youth by providing them with essential skills and support to live independently.

Share The Meal is a crowdfunding app that lets users donate to the UN's World Food Programme projects and support the organization in its fight against food crisis.
$0.5 = 1 meal

The Global Foodbanking Network provides safe and nutritious access to food during the Covid-19 crisis by supporting foodbanks in 40+ countries in need.

The Pazapa Center supports treatment, education & development of children living with disabilities in Haiti.

Za'atar NGO supports refugees in Athens by providing them food, shelter, & training. They mainly focus on women & children, and also assist LGBTQ+ refugees.

Cuatro Por Venezuela creates various relief programs (food, health, education & formula) to deliver aid to the people of Venezuela.

FareShare fights hunger in the UK by redistributing good food which would otherwise go to waste to almost 11,000 frontline charities nationwide

Thirst Relief provides clean water solutions to families in need. Their biosand filter can support a family of 10 people with clean water for 30+ YEARS.

Syria Cares handles various programs dedicated to support victims of the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

Human Rights

Ella’s is an NGO in the UK that works with women who have survived trafficking and sexual exploitation. They run safe houses and provide support for women and families on both an urgent and ongoing basis. Help comes through many forms including medical care, training, legal support, essentials and much more.

LCD provides quality programs including an Early Intervention Program to respond to the urgent needs of Deaf persons & their families with emphasis on education as a tool for change.

Usikimye creates programs that rescues survivors of domestic violence, rape, & child abandonment. They provide safe houses, feeding programs, & educational services to help survivors maintain a quality of life.

Women's Microfinance Initiative's mission is to establish village-level loan hubs, administered by local women, to provide capital, training and support services to rural women in the lowest income brackets in East Africa so that they can engage in income producing activities.

KUMFA supports unwed mothers who face discrimination & provides various support programs (counsel, food, shelter, financial, medical, etc) to help raise their children.

Goedgedacht Trust seeks to transform rural communities by presenting children with opportunities to become healthy, self-confident, educated and skillful members of their communities.

LIT4Teens aims to improve literacy and provides young people in juvenile justice centers with books & reading materials, as well as coordinates author visits and accompanies peer-directed book discussions.

Free The Girls support women rescued from sex trafficking in Africa and Central America to reintegrate into their communities by providing a safe and viable form of employment.

Barefoot College makes education accessible in India for rural, remote and underprivileged children with daytime obligations & works on reducing the number of drop outs.

Clowns Without Borders offers joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all people, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency.

IRQR gives assistance & asylum to LGBTQ+ refugees who fled to Turkey by providing the basic necessities for a new chance at life.

PCF empowers women and men in the Philippines by offering training programs that teach valuable life skills to enable them to support themselves & their families.

KKOOM supports children's homes in South Korea with scholarships and funding for clothing, household items and other needs.

Love Myself by BTS & UNICEF stages campaigns against violence
toward children and teens around the world.


#OurRemedyIsARMY campaign fundraised for many of the NGOs we supported in the past as they have been affected by Covid-19 & are in dire need of help.

Share The Meal is a crowdfunding app that lets users donate to the UN's World Food Programme projects and support the organization in its fight against food crisis

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#OurRemedyIsARMY Covid-19 Support

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many of the NGOs we supported in the past have been affected & are in dire need of help. We reached out to them last April to inquire about their needs and compiled a list of fundraisers.Additionally, nearly all fundraisers we have held after April have supported the chosen organization with Covid-19 relief, in one way or another.


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An ad-supported website that lets users earn grains of rice for the UN's World Food Programme through a series of multiple-choice quizzes.